Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 19 2011

My sister was asked by her co-worker Char to pose as a model for her hair dress collection.
Luckily, I was able to tag along. :)
It was a fun night filled with booze, meeting new people and amazing music.

This photo looks so vintage.

I was able to meet Marisol and Nathan (he is the photographer)

The lovely Viktoria. 
(Her first words to me were: "Sorry, I'm a bitch.")

Trying to goof around with Char and Nathan.

Stef's shot. I know, my socks aren't fit for the shoot.

Trying to look awkward. Guess, I still looked goofy.

Stef and Marisol playing around. 

Kelly trying to internalize the role as a queen :)

Me and, uhhh, I am sorry I forgot his name. Yes, and he is a bit racist.

I took this shot of Stef.

Yes, I am trying them on too. :)

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