Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diet [uhm]

Apparently, Athina (my boss) told me that in order to lose weight, I must write down everything I had for the day to see where I need to cut back on.
Let's see if I can still remember everything.


  • I had 2 pieces of toast (one side with butter, the other with mayo and cheddar cheese)
  • About 4 pieces of honey garlic chicken.
  • I had a chicken breast melt.
  • Half of the macaroon, cause it broke in half. I shared it with Jey.
  • A medium sized caramel latte, by, ehem, moi.
  • A cup of rice and kalderetang chicken (approximately, 3 pieces.)
  • Half of Mrs. Field's White Macadamia Nut cookie (half was eaten by Mum)
  • A bar of Kitkat Chunky. (I know this was a sin! Too late, it's inside my tummy!)
That's about it, I think.
I am not really a calorie-counter so, I dunno how many calories I consumed today.

I am trying to chew slowly and Athina told me to put down my fork (or spoon) after a bite.

And I am also trying to substitute water for food when I am hungry. So there.

I had three cigs today, I dunno if that helps or anything.

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