Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl XLV!

So, spoiler, I am not a fan of football.

It started as a lazy Sunday, I was just about to do my laundry and my sister called me up and asked me to go downtown and watch Superbowl with them. I said no, cause I am too lazy. And she called again, and eventually I said yes.

It was Steelers vs Packers that night.

So we had booze and the ever traditional hot wings (Got this info on HIMYM, true story.)

I just got into Jack Astor's. Cheers!

 My sister, playing pretty for the cam.

Hey, Im still talking to you.

Just got my Figgin' Good Burger, and I just had two bites and I was already full. :(


 Stef and Richard.

Richard and I.

 Stef being modelesque.
(Seriously, my computer doesn't know the word "modelesque?")

  Here's this lady we met at the smoking lounge and she's a big Steelers fan
(Black and Yellow!) Excuse us for the horrible smile.

It was snowing hard that night but my body's temperature was
burning hot. Hahaha!

 Yeah, my hair is still red. (Wicked!)

So that's pretty much it for the photos.

It was a fun night, my sister got fucked up and we took a cab home.
And I slept like a baby that night. Oh yeah.

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